Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miracle Moments

Ask a mother of six, and she will have a unique story related to the birth of each of her child. Guaranteed. The experience of pregnancy and motherhood is so dramatic and life-changing that simple moments could remain eteched in your memory. I have this two unique tangible memories, associated with my the birth of my children, that I cherish like no other. Am making an effort here to paint them as true as possible to the sweetest memories I carry with me.

Push — One sunny afternoon, while I was close to 8 months pregnant with my first son, I was travelling by car. I remember my, otherwise overactive, baby would remain still everytime the car was in motion. Our car stopped at a traffic signal and we were waiting for the light to turn green. Suddenly I could feel two tiny feet pressed against my belly and it was pushing me very hard. It seemed as though my baby was impatiently willing the car to move forward. It was so surprising I just kept staring stupidly at my large tummy with a huge perplexed smile. Hubby, noticing me grinning ear-to-ear, asked "What is it?" With wild gesticulations I tried to explain him the feeling of having two tiny feet pushing me from inside. The car moved on and the pushing stopped. I got an inkling then of how impatient my boy is going to turn out to be. :)

Sweet silence —  It was a few minutes after the birth of my second son. My morning had been witness to a short but very painful labour. My little wonder boy had entered this world screaming, kicking, and holding on to the umblical chord. My gyn-obst laughed and called him little tarzan. While lying on the delivery bed, exhausted, and in a daze, I could hear him crying non-stop as he was being cleaned. In sometime, I saw them bring him to me, wrapped in a clean and soft blue cloth. He was crying his lungs out and I had no strength left in me to hold him. The nurse gently touched his face to my cheek and all of a sudden his howling stopped. He simply stopped crying. Silence. I did not know how to react, except to smile, in those few seconds. Soon the doctors descended to complete their work and he started to cry as they took him away to the neo-natal care center. But that one moment made me realize that he recognized me. He knew me from the different hands that handled him. It was one magical moment that I will never forget all my life.

Just re-living those memories makes me smile. What is that one moment that has moved you so much? Something that will remain etched in your memory, like carvings on a rock?



Lawgiverk said...

Wow, This is so amazing. Although I do not have any children, this makes me want to have some. I cannot recall any moments like this right off hand, but maybe in the future I can share. Thank you for posting this. This is truly inspiring.

Whiterays said...

Hi..Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Am glad it inspired you in some way :)